10 month update!

my baby boy is 10 months old!!!  

It has gone by so fast and to think he will be a year old so soon makes me want to cryšŸ˜­.

Lucas now:

  • Has 6 teeth!! Three of them are trying to come through so he’s been grumpy!
  • Always wants his mama and screams when I walk away!
  • Crawls and gets into everything! Especially the dogs water bowl
  • Is pulling himself up into a standing position! 
  • Rocks side to side when a song comes on
  • His eyes are almost completely brown now
  • Very ticklish
  • Loves baby yogurt!

New beginningsĀ 

about two weeks ago I had a dream I was pregnant. Joking around I told my husband about it and he ran to the store to get a test even though I didn’t feel pregnant.. I also didn’t miss my period yet. I took a test later that day figuring it would be negative after all it was just a dream but boy was I wrong. I looked down and saw two lines one of them extremely faint.. I didn’t know whether to cry, or what but I was in complete shock. I made him go back to get a digital one and it clearly said pregnant I. Am. Prengnant.

I just had a baby, a sweet little boy 10 months ago and I’m pregnant again?! How the heck am I going to do this? Is what ran through my mind. I will have a 18 month old and a new born.

  I know it will be extremely worth it. Babies are such blessings. My first doctors appointment is September 1st. So I will be keeping everyone updated. I’m currently 6 weeks.

& will be posting weekly updates on how I’m feeling plus videos!

Time for changeĀ 

like most people we look at our bodies and judge every single thing about it… I’m very tough on myself when it comes to my body image especially after just having a baby 9 months ago. I have stretch marks on my lower belly, sides, lower back, inner thigh, my breast.. on top of having scars from my gallbladder surgery just a month after having Lucas. It took me awhile to get used to them, and not being massively jealous of the women who just had babies and they have no stretch mark in sight.

It took me awhile to love my body, I mean it held another human being for 38 weeks, which is incredible.

After having my son I lost all of my baby weight. Which was great. But of course I gained 10 pounds back, I love food lol. 

Anyways I want to be fit and eat healthier, I started 21 day fix. I do 30 minute workouts and I’m on day 3 of the program. Eating smaller portions and healthier meals is hard for me. I could seriously go for French fries, snickers or coffee ice cream right about now actually haha. But I know the end result will be so worth it. 


I’ll update my final weight at the end of the program šŸ™‚ 



Do you ever just look at your baby while they sleep?! I do all the time. Even finding myself getting teary eyed while they peacefully sleep or, looking at pictures/videos of them and wishing they would hurry and wake up. 

I’m having one of those days everytime my little one falls asleep I cry lol why must they grow so fast?! 


Growing up.. 9 month update

Having a baby has been the best thing to ever happen to me and my husband. To think this little boy has been in our lives forĀ 9 monthsĀ is crazy to me. It’s been such a joy. He is crawling and trying to get into everrrrything.

He has his two bottom teeth. He also says ‘mama’ it’s sad seeing how fast they grow up. Because it really does fly by, but I’m taking in every moment and I can’t wait to watch his learn new things I love you to the moon and back little one ā¤ļø

North Carolina Vacation

Last weekend my husband and I packed our bags for a trip down south.

My Grandma lives there and she hasn’t met lucas yet so i thought it would be the perfect time ( and my hubby had vacation time)

Seeing my grandma with lucas was an awesome thing. He also got to meet his great great grandma.

AND apparently my son is awesome at being in a car for 8 hours haha. The thought before the road trip was scary. I pretty much prepared myself thinking he will scream the whole time… and he pretty much slept the whole time and never got fussy haha.

All in all it was an awesome trip, and its always great to see family.:)

Lucas with his great grandma

Lucas with his great grandma

Hello from the Gray’s

-I’m ashlyn! & 21 year old mother who lives in theĀ great state of o-h-i-o

-I’m a photographer & i have my own candle line.

-I’ve been married to my husband for (almost) two years:) 8/30/13

-My husband and i met in high school

-We had our son lucas on 10/13/14 & he is the best thing to ever happen to us:)

-I decided to start blogging for my son. So he can look back at all the things we did~

Follow along on our crazy adventure as new parents!

~The Gray’s